Afternoon enrichment


Afternoon Enrichment offers Pre-K* and Morning Kindergarten students an opportunity to extend their school day at SCCS. The program supports what the students are learning in their morning classes, giving them an opportunity to practice new skills through games and hands-on learning.

*Please note: Children must be 5 years old to enroll in Afternoon Enrichment. AE enrollment may occur mid-year.

Because these students are young, rest and recreation are built into the schedule. Our afternoons are a fun combination of rest, recreation, art, music, literacy, math, science, and service. It is our prayer that afternoon students would truly be enriched and that their academic skills would be bolstered through their involvement in this program.

Daily Schedule

Our afternoon begins with prayer before we eat lunch in our classroom. After lunch, we enjoy time a rest: we may listen to an audiobook, color quietly, or even lay down and close our eyes.

During a short afternoon meeting students discuss a daily devotional and pray together. Next comes Hands-On Time, the portion of class that incorporates arts and crafts, science, math, and other experiential projects. Then students take a break for recess and, afterward, they enjoy snacktime while the teacher reads themed picture books.

We end our day with Wise-Time, when students have a chance to finish the daily project, play cooperative board games, draw, or read books. Before we dismiss the students, we work as a team to clean the classroom, washing tables, stacking chairs, and making sure our space looks tidy for the next day.

Afternoon Enrichment runs from 11:15am-3:00pm each day and is available in two, three, and five-day options.