Middle School (7th-8th)


SCCS Middle School consists of 7th and 8th grade. Students in this age group are still excited about learning but need new challenges: they are growing in their analytical skills, are increasingly drawn toward critique and debate, and want to know and understand the “why” behind most things. Working with this natural development, the SCCS middle school years focus on connecting all the facts, going deeper into content, and understanding how to logically and thoughtfully unpack complex ideas in the light of Scripture.

Character and Virtue

Character development contributes to joyful learning. Lower School students begin their SCCS journey by learning the Core Virtues Catechism, which focuses on Honor, Stewardship, Wisdom, and Self-control.  As students progress to Middle School, these Core Virtues further become part of the school culture, providing a common language and challenge to grow in maturity and grace. Middle School students are encouraged to explore how these virtues manifest in their studies, in their relationships, and in their own hearts. With an aim for a high but gracious standard of character, SCCS middle school students are daily encouraged to depend on Jesus Christ.


SCCS Middle School students transition from grade-based teachers to specialized instructors who teach separate subjects. They continue the study of the typical liberal arts subjects as well as Latin. In history, these students begin a second, deeper study of the cycle that was first introduced in Lower school, progressing through ancient, medieval, and modern periods. Finally, students begin formal training in Logic and are also introduced to the Socratic Method, a three-step process of learning that uses questions, debate, and logic to arrive at truth. The SCCS Middle School schedule does not include electives.

Traditions and Special Events

In addition to field trips and special class projects, students in the Middle School look forward to many fun and educational events and traditions. These include the 7th Grade Fall Retreat, Pi Day and Socratic Conversation. Additionally, SCCS Middle schoolers participate in broader school activities such as the Speech Meet, Spelling Bee, Jog-A-Thon, Christmas and Spring concerts, Morning Meeting, and theater productions. As our middle school grows, we expect these traditions and special events to further develop.


Curriculum Map

The following is an example curriculum map for grades Pre-K through 8th grade. Please note that it is a meant to be a general guide and is subject to change.

Curriculum Map - Web.png